Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello jerk!

SO I met a really big jerk this weekend which spiced up an otherwise slow and boring weekend of sales. We spent Saturday and Sunday at Blue Lake for a sprint and olympic distance triathlon this weekend. On Saturday, there were over 600 people racing the sprint triathlon and even though that is a good amount, sales were slow. There was one vendor there that had a lot of traffic, they were blowing out triathlon racing and training apparel at $10 and $20 each and they had a steady stream of customers grabbing up bargains. Bill and I bought Zoot racing flats for $20 each, they retailed for $129.

On Sunday, the olympic distance was host to the "NW triathlon club championships" and the crowd was more intense and must less interested in the vendors. Sales were terrible but I was having a nice day anyway, Bill was racing and I spent the morning reading my book and watching the transition area for Bill. A few customers stopped by and I had several positive interactions, one woman told me she was picking out her anniversary gift (for herself) from her husband and she had been looking forward to seeing me after buying a shirt last year. It was all good until...

I returned from one of my many trips to the bathroom (joys of pregnancy) to see two women struggling with a girl who look to be about 4 years old. She had a hold of a kids size t-shirt and was throwing a fit and yelling "I want it! I want it!" one of the women wrestled the shirt away from her and they left my booth. About an hour later, one of the women returns by herself and is looking at the kids tees. She says, "Do you negotiate on price?" and I say "Possibly, but if you are short on cash, I do take checks and credit cards." She says, "I don't give my credit card number out" and I say, "How much are you offering me for the shirt?" and she says "I have $5". She was holding an $18 t-shirt. I say, "Well I spend a lot of time and money to come to these events and I don't think I can sell a shirt at that price." She glares at me and says "Well it's not like you have any other customers" and storms off.

OMG lady. Why don't you just call me ugly while you are at it since you seem to be in an insulting type of mood? If by some off chance she finds my blog and reads this, she should know that:
1. she is the rudest customer I've ever had
2. most people who are short on cash are short by a dollar or two, not $12
3. the triathlon community is small, friendly, and supportive, and she doesn't fit in at all

Bill walked up right as she was leaving and I don't think he appreciated someone insulting his pregnant wife. So the weekend was a mixed bag. Bill had a "training session" at the race which will hopefully inspire him to train more frequently. I think I talked him into a little road trip (to PHX via Idaho and UT) for a vacation in a few weeks. We need some peaceful time before this baby comes and I could get out of state for a little while. Can't wait! Photos tomorrow if I find the camera cable.


Maggs said...

Wow. I rarely ask to 'negotiate' a price, but if I do, it's not for less than 1/2. Crazy.

Maijaleena said...

What a meanie! It's bad enough to try to negotiate such an insulting price, but then to be such an ass about it. Some people!

D said...

Meanie? Jerk? She was a total bitch! How rude! She's worse than the child.

Ariel said...

That is pretty stunning arrogance! Especially since your product is lovingly hand-produced. If she wants a $5 t-shirt she should be shopping at Wal-Mart, not trying to rip off a small local business. Sheesh. It really is a bummer when you run into someone in our community who is such a hater.