Monday, June 01, 2009

Fleck Junior

Baby Fleck at 20 weeks
We had an ultrasound this afternoon and the technician was nice enough to render a 3D image for us. I've been looking at these images so long that this looks clear to me, but in case you aren't seeing an adorable baby like I am, he has his hands up near his mouth and he has eyes, a nose, and a mouth. And ears! The tech said he had a strong heart beat, I think it beats at 140 BPM right now, and that he looked good. Am I hormonal or should that make me cry?
I've been an idiot all today today, at noon I left my purse sitting wide open in the locker room on the bench while I went swimming. Some kind soul turned it in to the office for me. Then I overcooked my lunch to the point that I couldn't eat it. I went for some fish and chips around 3pm and couldn't eat most of it and I walked out of the food court with the food, still in the plastic basket it came in. I guess I'll have to go back tomorrow for another basket so we have a set.

I didn't sleep well at all last week and last night I couldn't get comfortable so I tossed and turned all night. I think I got one good night of sleep in the past week. Good practice for having a newborn, I'm just 20 weeks early. But half way through pregnancy! I think I'll go cry a little before bed, should be happy tears while I think about the little one punching my insides.


D said...

I don't mean to alarm you, but I think you have an alien in your belly.

Maggs said...

I'm pretty sure there's no way I could survive pregnancy. I'm so absent minded now. I would have major problems.

The kid looks great :-) Just ignore D.

Maijaleena said...

Yeah, ignore D! Her current blog post says she's and asshole! Yay for the baby pic!

You're weird pregnancy stuff sounds like my normal stuff...