Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Bill and Marshall sunning themselves after Bill's bike ride.

We had a nice little weekend at home which we needed, we're headed out of town for 10+ days and we had a lot of work to do pre-trip. We are trying to get our yard finished up so we can focus on making a space in the house for the baby, due in October. Creating space for another person to live with us is kind of scary, never mind the baby part.

We had a little baby practice on Saturday, we visited friends who have a 5 week old baby named Ella and we both got to hold Ella and experience that newborn loveliness that causes parents to swoon. I can't wait!

Bill got away from me for a while on Sunday morning and went out for a bike ride that takes you through some of the local Oregon wine country (Kings Valley). It's a fun ride with some fun descents and risers that I used to love to push. Rather than sitting around being jealous of him, I pursued my new hobby: shopping at Target. It keeps me distracted from having paranoid thoughts about Bill getting hit by a car and I got new underwear out of the deal. Sweet!

In case you think I'm losing my triathlon edge... oh no. I negotiated with Bill that post-baby he will support me in having training time and that I get to pick a nice race to do. He seems to think this involves the local sprint triathlon circuit. I'm thinking a half Ironman or olympic distance somewhere fun and challenging. We'll see what happens, the baby might not be a fan of triathlon.


The Original SunnyD said...

Let's go do Alcatraz next year!

Maijaleena said...

Cute doggie sunning pic!

Shopping for baby stuff at Target. Sadly, that sounds like fun to me.