Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Extreme yard makeover

We totally screwed up with our yard last fall and over the winter. We let everything get out of control and our once nice yard was a mess. We got help from my mom (seriously) and ripped a bunch of stuff out. Here are some before and after photos of a few sections we have completed...

Out of control bush that takes up too much space
and needs needs to be trimmed too often.

Space for five tomato plants of that will keep us in tomatoes all summer.
Our favorite!
Although now we see the fence needs to be repainted.

Flower bed is over-run with grass and old plants.

We ripped out the grass and old plants and added
new plants and bark. I love color!

Bill was outside last night laying the bark down until 9:45 pm, he really likes doing yard work which I love about him. We can be outside together for two hours working and barely say a word to each other but feel really connected and happy to be together. I estimate we spent ~$300 to update the yard and probably around 20-30 hours or labor to get everything ripped out and re-planted.

Tomorrow I'll show how I ended up with 20 strawberry plants in our yard (oops) and what we did with the other overgrown monsters in our yard. Then it's on to making space for baby!!!

BTW, you can grow anything where we live in Oregon. We aren't gardening geniuses, I don't even know the names of most of the plants in our yard. Some more photos from the yard...

Grow tomatoes grow!

COLOR!There's still a little space for some more ground cover.


Amanda Whitmire said...

Very inspiring! Nice work, Tribabe clan. A;so, my first comment from my new office - hee hee! Still moving though...

erichollins said...

Eric Hollins likes this. Wait a minute, this isn't Facebook!