Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can you forget that you are pregnant?

We went to the Dr. yesterday for a monthly pregnancy check-up, you get to go every 4 weeks when you are pregnant, which is good, because otherwise you might forget that you were pregnant (yeah right), but bad because you have to come up with something to say to a Dr. every 4 weeks. I came prepared with a list of ailments to share with the Doc:
  1. red rash on stomach 2-3 times per week
  2. calf cramps
  3. leg twitching at night that keeps me awake
  4. lower back pain (sitting, bending, and sometimes standing)
  5. how to handle heat when we travel to AZ?
Not a bad list, there's some substance there but not a ton of drama. I left out that I've experienced the beginnings of what feel like panic attacks with mild claustrophobia because, well jeez, let's not get dramatic here. It's the beginning of a panic attack, not an actual attack. If I go full-on with the panic, I think we'll know. (Breathing deeply now... just kidding sort of)

Oddly, the Dr. looked the most concerned about the belly rash. It's probably allergies and I mostly get it when I've been outside gardening in the evening. The calf cramps and leg twitching are likely from anemia, so I get to take an additional iron supplement and if it doesn't clear up in 4 weeks, then I'll get some additional supplements.Time to hit the steak again! And finally, a ticket to physical therapy for the lower back pain since it's just going to get worse.

I feel like a hypochondriac but no, I'm just pregnant. You get lots of ailments but no drugs to treat it. Not cool. I'm already off caffeine, haven't had a single craving for a martini, and I think I've taken a pain reliever maybe twice and I think I cut it in half before I took it.

I have done two bad things: I got my hair highlighted during the first trimester and I used a pressure washer for about 5 minutes before realizing that the noise was way too loud for a fetus with developing ears. I guess do you forget that you are pregnant sometimes!


The Original SunnyD said...

Wow... I never thought about that eardrum thing... I always thought it was just kind of muted for them anyway!

NoPoGirl said...

I wouldn't stress too much. I ate soft cheese and lunch meat all through pregnancy. I also had an occasional bottle of wine and telemark skied, rock climbed and rode my road bike. My little girl turned out perfect. Don't be so hard on yourself!

FYI, I also had the calf cramps. I thought I was the only one!