Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blue Lake 2009

These photos from the weekend are a bit dark and gray, which is what the sky looked like all weekend. Temps were perfect for racing, in the mid 60s, but for hanging out, kind of dreary.

I think this is a man-made lake and there is a sign that says no one under 5 years old is allowed in the lake. They also don't allow dogs anywhere near the park. There are much nicer lakes in Oregon but this one is near the airport in Portland so it's convenient access for people in Oregon and Washington (Portland is on the Columbia River and Vancouver, Wa is on the other side of the river for those of you that haven't seen a map of the area).

Bill had a nice spot at the end of the transition area--one of the perks of being a vendor is we get there early so if he races he can get a really good spot on the rack.

They played decent music all morning and announced finisher's names as they crossed the finish line. There was massage and a chiropractic school on site so racers got some post race attention if they needed it. It's a nice event, just a gloomy kind of day.

I don't think having a pregnant wife is helping Bill's triathlon training. He's going to have to break away from my lifestyle pace and eating habits if he wants to be competitive again. Of course, he may not care about that now and I shouldn't force it on him. But... but... alright I'll try to leave him alone. Pacific Crest 1/2 is coming up in a few weeks, he hasn't been training for the distance but we thought he could do it as a training day and work on nutrition. It's usually hotter than heck in Bend that weekend so good heat preparation for racing in Cozumel. Racing in 60 degree weather isn't exactly heat training. I don't think I'll be able to not push him to train even though I know I should let it it go. Darn me!

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