Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You'll get fat if you eat that

I was a skinny person all of my life since about the age of 3. I believe I was overfed as a baby because I was colicky, and my mom thought it was funny to put her fat toddler in a bikini and take photos. Bill laughs every time he thinks about my fat baby photos. Thankfully, I grew out of that stage because that would not have been funny for long!

I can tell you something that I know is true about most skinny people: they watch what they eat and they don't overindulge. If you meet a skinny person for coffee, they will get a non-fat latte and will forgo the pastries. Lunch: salad or other light fare. Dinner: healthy with veggies. This is most skinny people I know. Oftentimes, they are vegetarian which helps them control calories. Skinny people limit drinking juice or full calorie pop because it's empty calories and they drink water or diet drinks instead. This is not rocket science, it's how skinny people do it, but it isn't easy.

My mom is not the typical skinny person, she eats sugar and fat in vast quantities and she fits into my size 4 jeans. She is the person that people with weight issues hate. She actually wore my jeans when she visited here a few weeks ago and I could not believe how skinny she looked. I'm snug in size 8 maternity wear right now. Anyone in a size four should keep a distance from me.

I don't take these type of thoughts to an extreme, I still love myself and would never diet while pregnant. Case in point...

Yesterday for lunch I had left over pizza which left me feeling nauseated and still hungry. I went and got a nice garden salad for an afternoon snack which let me feeling nauseated and still hungry. I had to find something to make me feel better and get me though the last few hours of the work day. So I walked to the food court and my brain was chanting:

Creamy, milky, buttery!
Creamy, milky, buttery!

I can't make this up, my brain was having a meltdown. So I went to Carl's Jr and got a milkshake. Sadly, they don't sell organic, shade-tree grown milkshakes on campus. I intended to only drink half but ended up sucking that thing down to the last drop. Then I went to the Carl's Jr web site to look up how many calories and sugar are in a milkshake and saw a number higher than 600 calories. Oops.

I'm going to get fat if I eat like that. I now know what they mean when they warn pregnant women that being pregnant is not a license to eat. But I felt better after the milkshake and my brain was able to focus on work so... I might end up getting fat during this pregnancy. Oh well! At least I finally have some boobs!


Maggs said...

Enjoy the milkshakes! All the milkshakes you want. They have milk in them...they are sort of healthy!

Maijaleena said...

I love milkshakes and malts and ice cream!

Don't worry about getting fat during pregnancy. Ok you don't want to gain 100 lbs, but you're supposed to gain weight and listen to your body. I have a friend who is an RD, triathlete, and pregnant with her second child if you want to talk to her. I do remember her eating a decent number of cheeseburgers when she was in the mood for them :) Got right back to normal weight really quick and gained a normal healthy amount of weight during her first pregnancy.

Amanda Whitmire said...

This post is hilarious! Let me know if I can ever bring you a delivery from Jamba Juice. The Chocolate Moo'd smoothie is lowfat, but it still has a bazillion calories. At least you can add a vitamin boost... ;-)