Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weekend projects

My mom was visiting last weekend and basically she came in, cleaned up our act, and went home. It was awesome, well, except the part about her going home, we could have kept her. Bill has been working long hours and I haven't been physically well so we needed someone to take charge of us. She got our yard back in working order so we are starting to plant a garden, mostly tomatoes, with the cleared out space. Thank you mom!

It rained hard all day Saturday this weekend so I stayed in and worked on a little project for my friend's upcoming baby shower. I picked up a kid's play tube and a matching tent at Ikea last weekend when I dropped my mom off at the airport. They are cute but they are blue and my friend has two girls so I needed to do something creative. I have some stencils with sea creature theme so I used some Sharpie's to decorate the tube.

AfterI love rainy day projects.

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