Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The temptation of melted cheese

I had to end my day yesterday with a trip to the dentist which isn't at all interesting except that on the way there I spotted a future Darwin award candidate. Young guy, riding a bicycle in a bike lane but is going the wrong way down one of the busiest streets in Corvallis at 4:40 pm, has a pizza box in one hand and is eating a slice with the other while pedaling. DUDE! No, he did not have a helmet on. He's probably enrolled in college here.

I had to have a filling replaced so the right side of my mouth was still numb at dinner time and to the dog's delight, I kept dropping beans out of the burrito I was trying to eat. I ate less than half of it and then called dinner done. A little ice cream later, which I dribbled down my shirt--mouth is still numb and it was time for bed. Bill kept me awake until 10:30 pm and by then I was starving.

"Baaaaaabbbbe? Can you think of something I can eat? I'm so hungry."
"Well there's a pizza in the freezer, do you want me to make it?"
Thinking... That's too pathetic, I can't eat frozen pizza this late on a Monday night. Where is my dignity? That pizza that kid was eating must have been good...

10 minutes later I enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich. My husband is a saint. He saved me from shaming myself AND I got to enjoy melted cheese. Crisis averted.

We are re-planning our weekend, I called up to Newberry Crater and it's still covered in snow. They have the roads plowed to the resort that's up there but the trails are still covered and I imagine it gets a bit brisk in the evenings. We're looking at the coast or an area called Grant's Pass that is south of here. Hopefully we'll find something scenic either way.


D said...

Oh. My. God. Last night (around the same time too) I wanted nothing else, but a grilled cheese sandwich. I even told a few people how much I wanted one. Now where the hell is a man to make one for me?

Side note: NOT pregnant (that would be Mary-like), just in training.

Maggs said...

Wow, I had crazy grilled cheese cravings on Sunday. I made two with lotsa cheese and real butter. Best food ever.

Yeah, and I'm not pregnant either.