Monday, May 18, 2009

I've been lap swimming since I was a fetus

It's a lovely day here in Corvallis, sunny skies with temps in the upper 70s so I was excited to take a dip in the pool and enjoy swim class today. Coach called a 12 minute continuous swim as 100 easy 50 moderate (repeat for 12 minutes). I love long warm-ups! The water felt like silk and it cooled my pregnant body. Joy!

I felt great and thought the baby inside of me must be enjoying the swim because I had no nausea! Just think, my kid will be able to say, "Well I've been lap swimming since I was a fetus!" Take that you pot smoking Michael Phelps. (Poor Phelps! I kind of feel sorry for him. Actually, I don't. He's deserves to be made fun of for being so stupid). ANYWAY!

After a few one arm drills coach threw down: 400 IM, 50 recovery, 300 IM, 50 recovery, 200 IM 50 recovery, 100 IM, 50 recovery. I wisely put on some swim fins and thought I would kick the 400 IM at an easy pace. 5 second warning and go!

I do my best impression of a dolphin and within 50 yards my uterus starts singing like Amy Winehouse, "She tried to make me do flyyyy in swim class and I said NO NO NO!" Yep, we're done here. Done with fly, done with fly kicking, done with anything that really engages the deep core muscles in the lower abdomen.

The baby will have to get back into fly postpartum. I still think he is getting a head start on it.


Maggs said...

I might try that excuse the next time the coach makes me do fly. I'll just say I'm pregnant. That will get him off my back for a while :-)

D said...

If Phelps lived here, he'd be just another citizen. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority with my lack of pot smoking these days ;)