Sunday, May 17, 2009

I picked the philly

Bill performing bicycle maintenance which must mean he's planning to ride his bike. So far this season, he's been acting pregnant like his wife so this is a step in the right direction if he's planning to do Ironman Cozumel in November. I had to take a photo since it's been so long. Actually, it might freak me out if he gets his ripped muscles while I grow increasingly huge. Hmmmm. Where are those tacks? Just kidding honey!

On Saturday we were up early for the Lebanon sprint triathlon. We had great weather and it was only a 20 minute drive from our house so we had a good start to the day. Sales were better than last year at this event, a first for this year. So far, sales have been significantly lower at all the other races we've attended. Go economy!

On Sunday, Bill was up early to go for a bike ride with his Iron buddies. I used my free time to SHOP! Some tank tops and two pairs of Italian shoes later (going out of business sale) and I was home before Bill.
After lunch we took Marshall dog for a walk to the river and Bill iced his legs in the chilly Willamette. Our temps are around 85 right now which feels pretty warm for May.
We are looking at a trip to Bend, Oregon and Newberry Crater next weekend with some friends so I will finally get out of the house and hopefully get over my boredom. I hope I can stay awake for it! We have to get back Sunday night since we have another local triathlon on Monday.

Bubba dog wrestling with a vicious stick. We saw the Dr. on Friday and heard the baby's heart beat again which is always a joy. The Dr. said I should start to feel better and stay that way for while. She said I'm tired because my blood volume has doubled and my heart is trying to pump all that blood around my body. FREAKY! Hiking at 5000+ next weekend should be interesting. Maybe Bill will carry a sleeping bag around for me so I can nap whenever I need to. Do you feel sorry for my husband yet? He's been pretty good to me so far, maybe I won't sabotage his bike.

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