Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I get up! And nothing gets me down!

I heard on the morning news this morning that every campsite in the Oregon state park system was already reserved. Oops. We didn't plan ahead that well. So it was either scramble for first come first serve spots, back country camp, or break out the wallet. We ended up renting a small house on the Umpqua River for the weekend with a couple that we've known for years but never really spent a lot of time with.

These poor people. All I care about right now is food so I'm good for cooking and napping. They better watch their waistline around me.

Then there's my husband, he can be like an electric guitar plugged into an amplifier from the moment he wakes up until bed time. Or he can be super mellow, not say a word, and barely move an inch off the couch (sports watching usually the culprit). Which husband will it be this weekend?

Side note: I miss the 80s! When rockers had bigger hair and more make-up than women. Now that's entertainment! David Lee Roth strutting around like a peacock on fire. That dude was stunning. I wish I could look like that. I almost had his hair going on today after swimming, I forgot my brush and stood under one of those hand dryers and I had to walk back into my office looking like this...

Except I had on capri pants and a maternity top on! Foxy!

Alirght, I need to scour my CD collection for some Van Halen. Someday I'll get Bill an electric guitar and some spandex pants (I'm sure he has some already) and see what happens. I guess we won't pursue that this weekend, our friends might think we're weird.

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