Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun changes as you age

We managed to accumulate two movies last night so Bill popped some popcorn, "Extra butter for you sweetie!" and brought me some ice water and then put in the documentary "I'm Trying to Break Your Heart" which shows the band Wilco making a record. I like Wilco and was intrigued to see the artist/musician lifestyle. Twenty minutes in, I had eaten massive amounts of popcorn and virtually nothing had happened in the documentary. Bandmates smoked cigarettes, played their intruments, and their creepy manager stood around trying not to drool over them. I tried to stick with it, but dude, BORING!!!!!

I gonged it, Bill wasn't even watching so it, so he put in movie #2, "Snow Angels" which was somehow worse than the first movie and that got the gong too. To cap the evening off, I dropped my entire glass of ice water because my hand was coated in butter and Bill had to soak up water off the table and floor while I lay there, pregnant, helpless, and bored. I did the only thing I could think of doing, I passed out on the couch until Bill was ready for bed.

Being pregnant has been boring for me. I've been thinking a lot about what is fun for me and why I'm not having much of it. Most of my fun involves being active, having drinks with the girls, and taking road trips with my husband. We've been so busy around the house we haven't gotten out of town much so no wonder I'm bored.

I have been battling swim envy lately too. In class on Monday, coach called 5 x 50 on :45, :50, :55, and 1:00. I could see people battling to hold their pace as the intervals increased, which is funny because you have more time to rest but PRIDE will not let you. We did this workout before I was pregnant and I remember battling the old guys in the lane next to me, messing with them by pushing hard off the wall and putting the gas on the last 25. I remember challenging myself to hold the pace and how much fun it was to push hard. I miss that.

I know my perspective on fun will change as I age but I feel so in limbo right now. I need to have some fun in my pregnant body but I haven't figured it out yet.

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D said...

You should go get drunk. Oh, wait.
You should go do a tri. Oh, wait.
You should go eat some cupcakes. AHA! We have a winner! :)