Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eat first, call emergency rescue later

We got out of town at a reasonable time on Friday (around 3pm) but traffic was still tight on I-5 for the holiday weekend. We rented a great little house on the Umpqua River for Fri-Sat with our friends Curt and Amanda and their dog Johnny. Amanda and I split cooking duties, so Friday night we had lasagna she had pre-prepared with some sauteed greens. Mmmmm I think this is nicer than camping! Saturday morning she made fancy french toast and I was high on food. Good living!

We got a slow start to the day on Saturday and waited for Sunny to show up from Corvallis. The guys geared up for a mtn bike ride on the Umpqua Trail (epic, scenic, kick butt and amazing trail that is lined with poison oak). We dropped the guys off and agreed to pick them up 2 hours later at a trail head that was ~14 miles away. I drove the ladies to check out some waterfalls and then we figured we better go collect the guys since there was a basketball game on.

After some trouble locating the trail head, we finally found the spot but there were no guys there. Half an hour later, still no guys, so I figured they took off down the road to get back to the house in time for the game. We drove home and still no guys. Uh-oh. I stayed back and made pizza for dinner and Amanda and Sunny went off looking for them again. They found the sorry souls on the side of the road several miles later, looking tired and feeling bad about being late. They were about 1.5 hours past their due time and didn't get back home until 8:30 at night.

I was stressed, but glad they made it back and that I didn't have to call rescue people. I'm too pregnant to go searching on trails for Bill, Sunny has an injury, and Amanda wasn't going by herself. There was a point where I thought, "Can we eat pizza before I call the emergency rescue people to find the guys?"

Can you see Bill checking out his backside in the mirror? Anyway, on Sunday I made a hashbrowns and an egg dish and we packed up our gear to check out of the nice little house on the river. We went for a walk on the trail and tried to watch chinook salmon making their way up the river but they weren't jumping for the tourists.

We hit the road before noon and stopped off for lunch and a trip to the dog park in Roseburg, OR. I love small town Oregon. I love Oregon. We had to get back home to unpack for a triathlon on Monday here in Corvallis and we were home by 3pm, relaxed from the weekend and ready for a nap in the afternoon sun. I miss my active lifestyle?

That's right, my husband wears socks with sandals. And my dog wants to get going ASAP. It's becoming clearer to me why I need naps, even without triathlon training.


Amanda Whitmire said...

Yay! Thanks again for the great weekend! We had a total blast. Where to next?!

QRgirl (erin) said...

I love Johnny! It sounds like a really fun weekend. I'm always jealous of you and your scenic adventures.