Sunday, May 10, 2009

Canby Gator Grinder triathlon

Bill and I were up at 5am on Saturday to drive up north for the Gator Grinder triathlon. Canby is southeast of Portland and offers a nice venue for a pool sprint triathlon. We setup tribabe gear in the grass and enjoyed watching the race while waiting for some business to come our way. Every year this triathlon sells out at around 250 people. This is in part because of the great support and effort the race director puts into the race and also the nice location.

They offer a nice spread of food and there is plenty for families to do while waiting for the racers. We've attended this race for the past 3 years and Bill finally decided that was enough, he's racing next year. We will have to figure out a system for racing, vending, and having a child. Yikes! Sales were OK but we are not making as much as we did last year. One of my biggest races (an all women's tri near Seattle) has been cancelled so I'm really glad I didn't invest more this year.

It was a bit cold in the morning, although temps warmed up to the upper 60s by noon. Bill covered sales while I went and laid down on the track and soaked up the sun. I actually fell asleep, on the ground, while people were finishing the race. I have no shame now, I'm pregnant and I need no other excuses for strange behaviour as far as I'm concerned.

We got home around 2pm and I resumed napping while Bill went out to play disc golf with the dog. I woke up long enough to eat some dinner and go back to bed. I was able to work a 40 hour work week last week and I exercised every day so I think I was tired by Saturday.

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Maijaleena said...

You don't need to be pregnant to have an excuse for weird behavior do you? I hope not or im in trouble!

Disc golf with dog! Im sure that was good fun for the doggie!