Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prune juice is the answer

Friday: I was non-functional. I napped throughout the day and then slept all evening and all night. My digestive system had slowed to a point that I didn't want to eat and it was literally painful to move or roll over in bed. It was not good. This came after a long week of not feeling good so I was done with not feeling good. I woke up at 6:30 am on Saturday and did a body check: my head did not hurt, I was hungry, and I wanted out of bed NOW!

After eating some cereal I woke Bill up and said, "Let's go out of town now while I still feel good." He was skeptical that I would make it another hour but he packed up the car anyway and we hit the road. I was mostly fine for the rest of the weekend and I'm almost back to normal now. I think prune juice has saved me these past few days. It tastes so bad I lose my appetite and the fiber in it helps my digestive system. If you need to go on a diet: try prune juice. Seriously, the stuff is potent.

Despite the minor drama, we had a great weekend driving the coast. We drove south to Eugene and then west to Florence where we hit Highway 101 which follows the west coastline. Typically, you will not find a camping spot on the Oregon coast without reservations but it's still only April so the tourist season hasn't hit yet.

The great thing about this section of the Oregon coast are the sand dunes. On the east you have forest, in the middle is sand, and on the west is the ocean. It's surreal. The bad part are the crowds attracted to the sand dunes. Mad Max and the Thunderdome type characters. You will NOT find peace and solitude in this area so we kept heading south to Coos Bay and finally to our destination, Sunset Bay.

It was lovely. We took a trail (side bar: if you don't know this already: limit going to big tourist spots with the massive parking lots. Instead, take a trail head where there is limited parking and walk. Most Americans will not walk more than 1 block and this holds true for forest areas and national parks too.) to the coast and were treated with a gorgeous spectacle and massive waves. It's pupping season for the seals and we could hear them from their location on the rocks making a ruckus.

We found a decent but small camping spot and after some hot cocoa went to bed which for me meant sharing a double wide sleeping bag with the dog. For some reason, he wanted to hang off the end of the air mattress, so all night long I felt like I was being pulled off a cliff. But I was warm and the dog didn't move until I woke him up in the morning. That was one cooked doggy but he was happy!

It was 40 degrees when we woke up so we ate quickly, packed up camp, and started driving back up the coast. We stopped off in Florence and hit the sand dunes one last time before heading home. We were home and unpacked by 1:30 pm on Sunday and had the rest of the day to enjoy at home. Perfect!

Poor Marshall dog played so hard in the sand dunes I noticed that his nose and eyes were clogged with sand. We pulled over at a small river on the way home and cleaned him up and were surprised that our random pit stop featured a covered bridge. I probably shouldn't be surprised by these things in Oregon, exploring here is like being a kid all over again.

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