Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My dog, is in fact a dog, and I, am in fact, an idiot

We had a great weekend, which I will write about more and post photos from, but I wanted to share my idiot dog owner story first. The back story is short: occasionally our dog won't eat and has an alien tummy so we switched to a fancy dog food that said to use 1-1.5 cups of food twice a day. The dog was eating 2 cups twice a day of the old stuff so we knew he might take a while to adjust but he seemed fine.

Fast forward to Saturday, I took a large chocolate cake (do you know where this is headed?) to a friend's BBQ to celebrate Bill's birthday. My mom was in town with us this weekend so I left the party after a few hours to head home with my mom and took the dog who was tired from playing disc golf all day. I begged my mom to make me her famous tacos for dinner so we stopped off at the store to get the ingredients. I had taken a large section of the cake home on a paper plate so we could have some for dessert. I thought for two seconds about not leaving the dog alone in the car with the cake but this dog has literally traveled thousands of miles in a car that always contains food (including his treats) and he has never, not once, gotten into food before.

Imagine my shock when we returned to the car and the entire slab of chocolate cake was GONE. Idiot! We drove straight to the emergency vet who had the privileged of extracting the cake from the dog's stomach and I had the privilege of paying for it.

The dog was in big trouble over this and sufficiently sulked around afterward, comforted only by his grandma, who of course, thought we were terrible for yelling at the dog.

Fast forward to Tuesday night and I catch the dog eating the remnants of artichokes we had steamed the night before. He was literally holding the half eaten leaf down with his paw and trying to pull any remaining meat off the leaf. WTF? (light bulb goes on in my dull brain) OH! THE DOG IS STARVING. The new dog food isn't enough dog food for our active dog. Poor guy!

I'm lucky he didn't run away and move into a dumpster where he would have been better fed than at our house.


D said...

Oh it's an idiot kind of weekend/week. That was me yesterday (see my blog post).

I'm lucky that my cats and dog have always been the kind where I can just leave the food dish full at all times and they eat when they want/need to.

Maijaleena said...

I can't believe the dog ate the cake! And artichokes!