Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Good news/bad news

Good news: I made a very minimal investment in inventory for tribabe.com this year.
Bad news: Sales were half of what they were last year at the first event of the season.

Brutal! I couldn't even get people to buy clearance items. I hope the economy gets back into reasonable shape by this time next year and not just for myself. Bill's company went through another round of layoffs yesterday, he is still employed but feeling worried about the future. The university where I am employed may have to cut 30% of the budget, we'll find out in May. People will lose their jobs and those that keep their jobs will receive pay cuts. Now is not the time to go on an expensive vacation or plan a bunch of remodeling.

I think we'll do a lot of camping and hiking this summer for entertainment. I had a moment yesterday where I asked myself, "What is the worst case scenario?" Bill loses his job, I get a pay cut or lose my job. We go into debt and move back in with our parents. Bill's parents have a pretty nice house so it won't be so bad. Just kidding Flecks! We've gone into debt before while Bill was in school and it feels terrible, but once you start working, you start paying it off and life goes on.

I have more good news, we're dog sitting our friend's chihuahua, I'll post pics later. He's hilarious!

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