Thursday, April 09, 2009

The cutest thing on the planet part 2

We had dinner at our swim coach's house last weekend and his wife put on a meal like none other. The table was decorated with spring themed items and place names were set out. She literally made the bunnies in the photo out of washcloths and then gave them to us. There were drinks and hourdevours (how in the heck do you spell that word?) in the living room and then she served us soup and salad before the main course which was salmon they caught in Alaska on a fishing trip. After dinner she served apple pie and ice cream and hot tea. My only thought was, "Will you marry me?"

And now I give you Dewey Readmore Books, the star of the book "Dewey" a true story about a small town library cat who became world famous. I had to get this book because, well, look at him! Yes, I think you should judge a book by it's adorable cover.

And now, an extra special bonus cute and only special people get to know this one: my 5 year old friend Samara calls the refrigerator the "fridgerfreighter" and the living room the "livering room". I suggest you start saying fridgerfreighter today, it's quite catchy.

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