Thursday, April 23, 2009

B's bday

My hubby turns 30 something today, let's just say, it's one bday shy of 40. I can't wait for 40! This year, he gets to pick his mother in law up at the airport so she can spend the weekend with us. This is what you get when your wife asks you, "What do want for your birthday?" and you answer "nothing!" He'll get something alright! She's coming to help us garden so that means he gets to work all weekend too. I think his plan is to ride his bike up to Salem for our friend's annual party and then play disc golf with his buddies so don't feel too sorry for him.

This morning he swam 39 x 100 on 1:30 with Sunny and another woman from our swim class. It looked brutal, but he said he paced himself well and it felt easy. I kind of watched while I swam around in between their sets. I was useful enough to bring chocolate cupcakes and I bought him his favorite pie for dessert so he'll be nice and sugared up all day and night.

We're coming up on our 6th anniversary since we started dating. We hooked up at Wildflower triathlon six years ago after casually knowing each other via the triathlon club. Within a week we were shopping at Target together and sharing milk. We held off moving in together for several months but we had a great courtship. We trained, camped, traveled, and were generally inseparable from the moment we met.

Someone asked me before we got married, "Why do you want to marry him?" and the answer was natural and true today. Because he is the one person on this planet that I would choose to climb a mountain with. Not just because of his physical abilities, which never cease to impress me, but because he makes me laugh, he holds me up, he tells me I'm a tough chick, and he lives life with passion and has a good nature about him that makes him one of the most likable people I've ever known. I wouldn't choose anyone else for my life's journey, he's the one.

Of course, there was that incident when we were back country camping and we had to hide in a tent because of a mosquito infestation and he took the Nutter Butter cookies that I brought and told me he would dole them out to me at his discretion. There are some things that are unforgivable my man, but lesson learned, I'll keep my hands on my Nutter Butters from now on. :) Love you Bill!

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