Wednesday, April 01, 2009

All stocked up on crazy here!

Alright, so I guess I'm still not over the whole Ironman Canada thing. You may recall that I wrote about yappers and great conversations etc. Honestly, if you ever asked me, I would tell you that the ability to hold a good conversation is one of the top qualities that I look for in a friend. I just can't stay interested in people who have nothing to say. Boring! Safe! Not for me!

So imagine my thrill yesterday when I went to get my teeth cleaned and the hygienist talked for 40 minutes straight, barely pausing to take a breath, and when she was done she said, "Oh, I didn't mean to tell you my life story!" Mumphhh was all I could say back since she had a bunch of equipment in my mouth. My eyes were watering from her salacious story about how she couldn't conceive a child after trying for 11 years so she adopted with her husband who then left her for a woman who was 15 years younger and they took the adopted child away and started their own family and now his hair is gray and he looks terrible and old and how could that woman be interested in an old man.... there was something else about a couch and a riding lawn mower so basically, it was the craziest story I had ever heard in my life.

I felt like Jack Nicholson in "As Good as It Gets" when he tells the neighbor's maid "We're all stocked up on crazy here" and slams the door in her face. Of course, I would never do or say anything like that but this poor hygienist actually looked sad to see me go, like she had made a friend in me. I know, it's sad, but I can't do anything about without getting involved with her and that sounds like a really BAD idea.

Now back to that time at Ironman Canada... I told my husband that I wrote a blog about his chattiness and his response was basically, "You didn't tell the story about Canada right" and he went on to detail all of the events that took place even though I had heard the story a hundred times before! Bill, I love you so much. You don't even have to clean my teeth to get me to listen. BTW, I invited him to guest blog and I hope he takes me up on it, he's actually pretty hilarious in a mildly Uncle Rico (above) kind of way. Actually, Uncle Rico was pretty last year, this year he is shooting for a Magnum PI [edited to replace Tom Selleck per husband] type of vibe. He likes to take on a persona for when he plays poker and disc golf and apparently this year is a Magnum PI year. Like I said, we're all stocked up on crazy here! Hey, it looks like Tom is listening!

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The Original SunnyD said...

That explains the mustache at swimming today!