Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend in Seattle

Girlfriends at the Pike Place Market

I took a quick trip up to Seattle this weekend to celebrate Sunny's birthday with our friend Heather. We left early Saturday morning and were greeted with gusting wind, temps in the low 40s, and rain. It quickly brought back to me what living in Seattle is like! A beautiful city but you have to make the most of it when it's gray outside.

Erika, Sunny, and Heather at Monaco Hotel

In addition to the nasty weather, we drove into the back of the St Patrick's day parade in downtown Seattle when we arrived so we spent our first hour in the city trying to get to our hotel so we could ditch the car which was going nowhere fast. Our first pitstop was Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom's started in Seattle so along with a trip to the original Starbuck's and Pike Place Market, Nordstrom is another Seattle original. After shopping, I took a short nap while the girl's went out for a cocktail, then we got ready for the evening and went out to dinner at the Steelhead Diner.

Flowers at Pike Place Market

We drove north to the U-district (UW) and saw a comedy show which was hilarious but the club was rank, dank, and stank. We had to class it up after that so we went out to a wine bar after called "Purple" and wrapped up an enjoyable evening.

The view from West Seattle

Sunday morning we had some glimpses of the sun and we hit Pike Place Market for some warm mac-n-cheese from a cheese shop. Then we shopped some more and ended up going to REI which was epically large. I drove the ladies over to West Seattle for lunch and sightseeing and we ended the trip at "Cupcake Royale" and I have to say I'm glad that place wasn't there when I lived there because I would have been FAT. I used to live only 2 blocks from where the cupcake place now sits. Danger Will Robinson.

Become a foodie at the market

The drive home sucked, it was gusting wind and raining but the weekend was great despite the stupid weather. I think we'll head back in the summer so we can really enjoy the city. I was on strict orders from Bill to buy Sunny a shot of Jaegermeister but none of the high-end bars we went to served it. He'll have to take her somewhere local for that experience, I'll watch thanks!

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