Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Unsubscribe me

After spending too much $$ during the holidays, I decided to get rid of some temptations by unsubscribing from some of the email advertising that is sent to me. Once you order from a store online, you usually start receiving weekly emails listing their specials and it turns out, I was receiving a lot of emails because I'm still unsubscribing myself after two months! Those companies were getting a lot of free advertising from those emails but not anymore. Temptation gone!

You know that whole "simplify your life" movement that started several years ago? There's that magazine "Real Simple" and a bunch of books that came out with in depth and existential instructions on how to simplify your life. Immediately I was skeptical when I heard about this and to this day I will only read "Real Simple" if it's free in the doctor's office. Why do you need to buy something to tell you how to simplify your life? I think they are trying to build a cottage industry on this concept, selling you glass jars for organizing your stuff and fancy labels so things look more simple.

I call BS! If you want to simplify your life, stop making things complicated by buying magazines and books on how to make things simple. Stop buying crap and get rid of the majority of your clutter by donating or recycling it. It's real simple.

BTW, my salary was officially frozen for the next two years. I'm not special, every state worker in Oregon is in the same boat. I'm going to look for ways to spend less over the next 2 years so it's doesn't feel like my cost of living is going up. I may just start showing up to work in used, threadbare clothing with a lunch I obtained from the dumpster outside of the dorm. Or maybe not.


Ariel said...

Ha! I am right there with you on the Real Simple thing. It's selling "simplicity" as a sort of stylish lifestyle, not an actual way of living. It's fine as magazines go, but honestly, most of us need to unsubscribe from most/all of the magazines we read in order to simplify our lives. Just like we need to get off email lists that make us want to buy more stuff.

I am in the middle of a big spring cleaning at home. Freecycling, recycling, selling, and throwing away tons of stuff. It is agonizing but it feels soooo good every time I finish a part of the apartment. Even, like, one shelf.

Top Dog said...

Oh, I'm right with you girls. Unsubscribing myself from email lists, any catalogues that come into the house go straight into the recycling bin, and we're in the midst of craigslisting/freecycling a bunch of stuff in the house. I joke that the good thing about living in a small house is that it forces you to get rid of clutter otherwise you'd just get swallowed in it!