Thursday, March 12, 2009

That time at Ironman Cananda

I love a good conversation and I actually don't get along very well with people who can't hold up their end of a good long talk but... have you ever been cornered by a real yapper and sat there in silent horror while the person talk talk talk talk talk talk talked until you wanted to run for your life? That's actually a good reason to become a runner if you think about it.

Anyway, my wonderful husband has a mild case of yapping that I find genuinely comical and just a little annoying. He can be a great listener but if he gets going on something he's passionate about, like sustainability or triathlon, he won't stop. Ever. I now interrupt him mid-sentence and say, "Honey, you are yapping" which eventually leads to him slowing down.

Sound brutal? Well you haven't heard about that time at Ironman Canada! I have! Many, many, many times. If you know my husband, I dare you to ask him about it.

My husband's mother (the mother of 4 boys) is the most patient listener on the planet. We were at lunch somewhere with Bill's large family and Bill was loudly telling his mom about that time at Ironman Canada when someone put tacks on the road and he had to ride for 20 miles on two flat tires until tech support caught up with him because there were so many people with flat tires that day and it was over 100 degrees outside which was the hottest year ever in the history of the event and... you can see how this would go on and on. I am sure pretty sure he has told his mom that story many times before and you know she loves him because she'll listen to him tell it every time.

It is now a big joke in our house, when one of us says "that time at Ironman Canada..." because it represents that we need to laugh at ourselves and each other and we like laughing at each other.

I am sharing this story because I think everybody gets to yapping at some point and has a hard time stopping (like me, right now) and it is a great skill to have to know when to wrap up a good story, smile, and take your turn listening.

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