Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Popsicle toes

This is a daily sight in our house, we actually set up the step ladder next to the heater so the cat can warm herself. This was her idea, if the ladder is leaning against the wall and collapsed, she will try to climb on it or meow at you when you walk by so you will set it up for her. She pays me back by sleeping on my feet at night and keeping my toes warm.

Speaking of warm toes, last night we got in bed and I took my socks off and proceeded to snuggle my feet next to my warm husband. He said, "AH! What the heck did you take your socks off for? Your feet are freezing!" Well yes, my feet were cold which is why I was putting them on his warm body. It made total sense to me and no sense at all to him. Where was the cat when I needed her?

Speaking of interesting responses from my husband, I met my friend last night to aqua jog and Bill did something I'm not too sure about. My friend is 7 months pregnant and perched on the edge of the pool in her swimming suit when Bill comes straight at her and sticks his hand on her stomach. I tried to let him know that he should ask first but as he later explained to me, he has known her for 10 years and it's OK if he touches her stomach. OK for him, yes, but OK for her? I'm not so sure. I hope she wasn't horrified.

Speaking of slightly horrifying things my husband does, he has a charm about him and he gets away with a lot unless I call him on it. We were at a BBQ with a bunch of athletes and he loudly exclaimed, "WOW! You're going to eat another huge hamburger! That's impressive!" to a skinny runner chick. I wanted to clock him. He also refers to a couple we know as "hobbits" because they are shorter than we are. He calls them hobbits to their faces by the way, not behind their backs, and for some reason, they seem to think it's funny.

I think it's horrifying. Which is why I will continue to stick my freezing cold toes on his searingly hot body so that the universe will return to a karmic balance in our household. ahhhh!

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