Monday, March 30, 2009

Oregon Coast in March

We were dog sitting our friend Milo this weekend so a short trip to the coast to wear the dogs out and to clear out my sinuses was in order on Friday afternoon. We were fortunate in that it was not windy or too cold, here is what the coast looks like in March...

Not exactly swimming temperatures but it rarely is on the Oregon coast but it was a nice day trip. We did some screen printing this weekend since the first triathlon of the season is coming up next weekend and I will be back to doing event sales. I'm anxious to see how the economy impacts sales, I decided to not build up a bunch of inventory this year in case things don't go well. I'm not looking forward to getting up before 5am next Saturday, even though the event is here in Corvallis, we are helping with registration so we'll have to setup my booth before registration starts.

BTW, I made a total a@@ out of myself while swimming today. I arrived a few minutes late and all of the lanes were full except for a few that had 2 swimmers. The lane I typically swim in had 3 swimmers so I made my way across the pool and jumped in with some folks I don't normally swim with. I learned the hard way that the lines in the pool are not in the same place across the lanes, it's an old pool and they when built it they didn't have lane dividers. Anyway, we're doing breast stroke and I push off with all my might and hear a bit of a boom from someone kicking over my head. I was thinking, what was that?! when I popped up and found I was in the next lane over. That's right, I pushed off and ended up in the wrong lane.

I so impressed my new lane mates that they decided they were just going to watch me to see what I would do next. :-( Dork!


Maijaleena said...

I love the Oregon Coast, even in the cold spring.

I have done some embarrassing things at masters swim before. Not that exact thing though. Funny.

Maggs said...

wow that would be a confusing pool to swim in! I wore my Will Run For Beer hat yesterday and hopefully a few people will be ordering some from you. It was a hit at the race.