Monday, March 02, 2009

Cabin fever

Ahhhhh! I need to get out of town and go do something! It rained all weekend so we mostly stayed in and worked on taxes. BOR-ING! I'm so bored I've been thinking about going with Bill on one of his business trips down to San Francisco or up north to Canada. Luckily I have a girl's weekend coming up in two weeks, our friend Sunny is having a birthday and she has never been to Seattle so I must escort her and make sure she has a blast!

I lived in Seattle for 3 years back in 1997 and worked for the City of Seattle at the computer help desk. Worst job ever!!! 65% of my job was asking people to reboot their computers. It was like a slow death. I also struggled with the climate there, it rains almost every day in Seattle. A beautiful and exciting city but the weather is DANK. Commuting was also a nightmare, I lived in several locations including Shoreline, Kent, and West Seattle and worked downtown. Once I gave myself permission to leave, I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

My next job was at Eastern Washington University in small town Washington on the other side of the state. I went to a coffee stand on my first day of work and the barista asked me how I was doing and I almost cried. I worked with people for 2+ years in Seattle who never asked me how I was doing. I am not cut out for city living. But I will enjoy visiting and remembering the good old days when I used to walk down to the Pike Place Market for lunch and buy myself a bouquet of flowers.


D said...

I would just like to go on the record here: I ask people all the time how they are. Ok, I do live in the burbs though so maybe I don't count.

Maggs said...

I was just telling the guys who work for me the other day that about 60-70% of the time they can't get the oomputer or printer to work (and call me in a panic) I come in and turn it off/on and it works just fine. I asked them what they did at home when their computer acted up and they said reboot. I'm not sure why they can't do that at work. Have fun in Seattle.