Monday, March 23, 2009

The Angry Gardner

I couldn't help but notice while looking out my window day after day, that no one had done any weeding, pruning, or mowing in our backyard in several months. It was last fall to be exact, so that made us a good 4 months behind on yard work. Oops. Being the determined type, I set out to prune all of the tall, dead, climbing things that inhabit our yard before they started growing again in epic proportions. Which led me to a revelation, I am an angry gardener. Where most find the work therapeutic and relaxing, I find my temper growing as the wheel barrow fills higher and higher with anger bi-products.

I was in such an angry state after an hour of work that I decided we were ripping out several plants and starting over. Perhaps gardening is not a preferred hobby for me?

Something else that makes me angry: the month of March.

It's not the rain, because spring means that summer is right around the corner.
It's not that everyone has evacuated town for spring break while I remain behind at work, I love an empty office and empty parking lots.
It's one thing and one thing only about March that makes me angry and it's two words that I hate to hear: March Madness.

My husband drives me nuts over college basketball. I basically lose his interest and company for the month of March. If that wasn't bad enough to lose your best friend to the t.v., he still holds the delusion that I will enjoy watching basketball if I would just give it a chance. Uh, NOOOOO. Rather than list all the things I can't stand about over-hyped college sports, I will list the one thing I like about college basketball: Gonzaga. Because I'm from Spokane and because it's the only time that a team of predominately white young men from a private university are considered underdogs.

Have you had enough of my bad attitude? I do have one good thing to say, we saw the movie "I Love You Man" and it was pretty funny despite the crass humor. I will stay away from gardening for a while until my head clears, otherwise, there will be nothing left of the back yard.

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