Monday, February 02, 2009

Swimming walk out

Well it finally happened, I reached my boiling point with swimming last Friday. Coach called 4 x 200 IM and then 4 x 200 free and after about 1000 yards I got out of the pool and walked away. The workout was pissing me off and since I use swimming for relaxation, it was time to get out of the pool. I think it was a good decision because today is Monday and I'm ready to swim again. I'm going by myself though, and the plan to do a peaceful swim by myself, with zero IM.

Totals from last week:
Swim 2:00 (5700 yards)
Bike 1:30 (24 miles)
Run 1:39 (10.3 miles)
Walk 1:40 (5.8 miles)
Other 0:20
Total: 7:09 (43.3 miles)

We had a great Super Bowl party but I made too much food so we'll be eating buffet style all week. Bill will love it. Since we were hosting, I managed to watch maybe 20 minutes of the 4th quarter and that seemed to be the best part of the game

I ran before our party yesterday and took Bill's iPod with me and had my best run of the year so far. I'm going to have to get my own iPod, a pink one, and put some chick music on it. Here are my average run paces for the past few weeks:


A decent enough trend that will hopefully continue until I hit 7:30 pace again. Oh, the good old days, when I was actually in shape. I will have to call a girl's night out when I break 8 minute miles. Occasionally, I get down about being slow right now, but I'm not racing until late April. There's plenty of weeks left to improve and I don't have to run race pace right now, I have to run race pace in April. Whatever gets me through the night, right?

I've been using the controversial compression sleeves and so far, I don't see any benefit. I don't think I'm running long enough to make a difference, I only run around 3 miles x 3 times a week and I run 95% on trails since I am trying to keep the shin splints away. I would guess if I was running 10+ miles at a time on the road that the sleeves would be more useful. For now, I'm sticking with my knee wrap and shin wrap (so dorky) and will save the compression sleeves for longer stuff, if I ever start running long.

FYI, my racing plans include a few local sprint triathlons. If I receive some sort of devastating news from the fertility specialist this year, I imagine I would throw myself into some longer distance races. Hopefully, I won't be doing any 1/2 Ironmans anytime soon! That was enough trigeek talk for a while.


Maggs said...

I've walked out of swimming when they throw too many IMs at me. I wish they could schedule IM day and let me know in advance. Actually sometimes I just fake, 2 strokes of butterfly then switch to free. At least I tried.

Maijaleena said...

Oh, but the IM stuff is fun! You have to learn how to do it first though. Or else it just sucks. It still sucks, just not as bad, and in a good way.

white tea said...

and I thought you were just pissed at your annoying lanemates......

Annoying lanemate #1