Thursday, February 19, 2009

So sad

Bill has been sick for the two past weeks and as such, we haven't slept in the same bedroom in 14 days. I made him go to the Dr. on Monday and he started taking antibiotics for a bronchial infection this week. He's better, but still sick, so I've been sleeping with the dog who at this point, doesn't want to sleep with me anymore either.

This morning I woke up at 5am from a bad dream. The dream was quite dramatic, I was sobbing and hysterical because no one would rub my back and hold me. Don't ask me. I almost felt sorry for myself but it was too silly so I went back to sleep, alone. So sad.

We've been watching the Tour of California on Vs. and have been foiled twice, they keep cutting away before the ending! After 3 hours of snooze inducing cycling coverage, they cut to hockey just before the sprint finish. I have gotten in a few naps so I shouldn't complain, cycling is as exciting as golf at times. Except they don't wear tight short pants in golf, shave their legs, or have rippling muscles. I think I prefer cycling.

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