Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh yes he did

Today is Valentine's day and my true love is sick. He slept in and stayed low key all morning until I convinced him to take afternoon walk with me. That got him going and he started on a new project: assemble the shed we bought at Costco earlier this week.

After the sun went down, he finally came into the house and I asked if he had any plans for Valentine's day? "I made you a shed!" he replied. HA HA HA! Oh no he didn't just try to act like my romantic gift is a shed.

He's so sick I won't let him cook dinner for me and we certainly aren't going out anywhere so he did the sweetest thing he could think of to do, rub my feet and make me cookies. He put the cookies in the oven and then forgot about them until 40 minutes later when I smelled something funny. That would be the cookies.

He did manage to make one good cookie for me which I thoroughly enjoyed. I better not get sick. I should have known that the day would be less than romantic when I presented him with a gigantic heart cookie that I had customized for him and after seeing it he said, "Why didn't you get one made for you too?"

Isn't he romantic!?! My husband is out there people. Fortunately, he would say the same about me so it works out well for us. Tomorrow we wake up early for the Cherry Pie cycling race near Corvallis. I really hope the roadies don't point and make fun of my tribabe booth! Photos tomorrow I promise!

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