Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mobbed by roadies?

We were up early this morning for the Cherry Pie cycling race and the weather turned out very nice, ~55 degrees but I froze my rear off when it was 34 and windy at 9 am. Sales were not great but I've never been to this type of race before so it was a learning lesson. The few people that came over bought something from me but I was largely ignored. Next time I'll wear a bikini and Bill can wear a Speedo. I wonder if sales would go up or if people would be blinded by our white bodies and would run. The photo above is of the tandem bike race start, a father/daughter team lined up, she looked like she could have been around 8 years old. The course was 25 miles so that little girl is a serious little biker!

Bill's new residence aka the shed. I hope it's cozy in there for him! We purchased the shed at Costco using a Costco rebate check for most of the cost. I have an Am Ex business account through Costco so we get rebates on all of the purchasing I do. It's the circle of life. I must shop to stay alive.

If you ever need an animal to nap with, we've got three that will do the job. I've napped with all of them and they work great. You can't get up once you have a cat nestled on you.

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