Sunday, February 08, 2009

Good for something

I caught another cold this week, which was hard to believe because last year I don't think I got sick one time. I realized I was truly sick when I tried to run on Tuesday and I couldn't keep my heart rate below 150 and I was running so slow I could have walked faster. I walked home from the "run" and went to bed. It wasn't a dramatic cold and I was fine again by Friday which was when Bill caught the cold and seems to have it about 3 times worse than me. Oops! Can't live with me, can't live without me (I hope he believes the last part after the way things have been going lately).

I'm glad I had the heart rate monitor on for that run because I would have pushed through the run regardless of how I felt so being a tech geek is good for something.

Today I realized that I took all of January off from working outside of my full time job. I was out in the garage, cleaning up tribabe headquarters and getting excited about projects when it occurred to me that I had taken an extended leave of absence. Breaks are good but I missed it.

Next weekend our friends are putting on a cycling road race, it's one of the biggest in the NW and they asked if I wanted to set up my Tribabe booth. I have to get my cycling related items in order and prepare to be Tribabe again. I hope the roadies don't make fun of me, maybe I'll leave the Tribabe signs at home. Cyclists think triathletes are nerds and triathletes think cyclists are missing out on swimming and running.

I'm going to write more tomorrow about how things have been going around this place but for now I'm headed off to bed.

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