Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A good Elvis story

I've mentioned my swim coach on my blog several times, he's about 98 years old and mean mean mean when it comes to giving crazy swim workouts! OK I'm sort of joking around about that, he's in his 70s and really quite sweet. He has worked at OSU for over 50 years and started the faculty/staff fitness program, one of only two in the nation. Over the years, he saved money and started a fund that was unveiled last year that benefits research at OSU in positive lifestyles and healthy aging. There is an article about some of the research being conducted online: http://oregonstate.edu/terra/2009/winter/lunging-life

We weren't able to donate much to the fund when it started so we wanted to do something this year to make up for it. I came up with the idea to have a swimming fund raiser and found a few people to help me organize the event. It has been an uphill battle to get it going, deciding what events to have and how to raise funds. It is finally coming together, and will be held on 3/7/09 at Langton Pool at OSU, if you are in the area, you can participate: http://osuswim4health.blogspot.com/

It has been a joy working with Coach throughout the planning. I went to his office last week to talk about awards for the event and he had a photo of Elvis out, apparently he met Elvis at a summer camp he was hosting, Elvis was shooting a movie in the area. One of his campers sent him the photo of Elvis at the camp and coach shared it with me.

It has been through these small interactions with Coach that I realized what a special person he is and I am so happy to have made these efforts to honor him by raising money for his fund. If you would like to donate money to fund research on healthy aging, you can give online: http://www.active.com/donate/swim4health

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