Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Going stealth

Two things I'm going stealth on:

1. Training! I think my nemesis is reading mg blog and I'm about to step up the training and intensity and I don't want him to know the actuals. I will state that I do plan to teach him a very valuable lesson: don't mess with the Tribabe.

2. Fertility! I'm going not going to share any more fertility news until I have some. That means: if I get pregnant, I won't say so until after the first trimester. If something else happens, I will share it after the fact. Last year, word got out really quickly that I was pregnant and I ended up having to tell a lot of people that I miscarried which only made things worse for me.

This means I will have to come up with some new things to talk about. Topics I am considering:

-How to rebuild an engine
-Why won't my husband throw anything away?
-Favorite cheeses
-The value of hooded sweatshirts
-Should men get their eye brows plucked?
-Do we care if M. Phelps smokes weed if he wears a smaller speedo?

I will think of some topics and get busy posting tomorrow.


D said...

Phelps being a pothead just makes us Canadians feel even closer to him ;)

And hoodies, well I think life wouldn't be worth living without them. Seriously.

Top Dog said...

Gotta agree with D on this one. Though could we petition that Phelps should have to wear a smaller speedo as part of his punishment?

QRgirl (erin) said...

I like Jarlsburg. It's good stuff.