Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowy Spokane

Merry Christmas! We finally made it to Spokane, WA to visit my family for the holidays. Spokane was in the national news over the holidays for record snowfall but the temps have risen and most of the snow is gone so we are here and I finally got my Xmas presents :)

We brought our bikes to Spokane but we won't get to ride, there's still plenty of snow here. duh. I had a rough week for workouts, I was supposed to have a run emphasis week but that didn't happen at all. My shins and left knee are irritated so instead of miles I got a knee wrap. Booooo. I'm going to try to run on a treadmill today and see how that feels, they tend to be a softer surface to run on and you can bail anytime you want.

I did end up having a decent swim week, on Friday, coach called 8 x 50, repeat 4 times, descending intervals on 1:05, 1:00, :55, :50. Choose your stroke. I heard repeat 3 times so I pushed 8 x 50 on :55 with a nice hard effort only to find out there was one more set. That was a character builder. Lesson learned: confirm the set before embarking on an all out effort. I forgot my lunch that day and had a cup of mac n cheese post workout before a meeting at work. After work, we met friends for beer and dinner and wooo hooo! I was buzzing. We went to watch a gymnastics at OSU after dinner and I think the OSU team is going to be good this year, they beat #4 Arkansas and put on a good show. College athleteics are a nice benefit to living with a college town.

I'm going for a hike with my mom and sister this afternoon and will take some snow photos and post this evening. Workouts last week:

Swim 2:30 (7700 yards)
Bike :40 (8 miles)
Run :40 (4 miles)
Walk 2:30 (9.4 miles)
Other 0:20
Total: 6:40 (26 miles)

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