Friday, January 02, 2009

Set goals or sleep in?

So I am sick, not the spectacular coughing up a lung sick, but the all over tired and sore throat sick. I don't look or act sick, but I feel like crud, so I get all of the pain and none of the credit!

We did virtually nothing to celebrate the new year, unless you count sleeping in and laying down all day. Bill didn't seem too disappointed, he was able to watch hockey and football while I slept and I think that makes for a good day for him.

Yesterday, the only thing I accomplished was to make banana nut and chocolate chip muffins. The rest of the day and evening was spent in bed. It was raining buckets here yesterday and we have a flood warning so it wasn't a bad deal that I was sick yesterday.

Right now, the sun is out and my suffering immensely, but mostly because Bill went trail running. This makes me want to cry but I'm happy for him.

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