Sunday, January 11, 2009

If it's good enough for Thunder Bear

On Friday afternoon I left work early for a Dr. appt (more on that later) and when I was done, it was still light out and not raining so I hustled home and threw on my running gear ASAP. It was cold outside, of course, if it's not raining during the winter in the NW then it's cold, and I couldn't find two gloves, only one, so I left the house with one glove and headed out for my favorite run route. I saw a friend at the park near the end of the run and she commented on my new looking shoes which made me feel like a geek, so I piled it on and told her that I only had one glove on too.

She probably hadn't heard how Thunder Bear revolutionized the one glove look in Kona two years ago. Of course, he had ice in his glove and was using it as a cooling mechanism. I am just a geek.

We didn't do too much this weekend, just hanging out and working out. I think we'll be traveling next weekend so it was good to lay low this weekend. I had a decent training week, although running continues to be slow and I suffer through it. I'm just going to keep at it until it stops feeling so cruddy.

Swim 2:25 (7100 yards)
Bike 2:30 (41 miles)
Run 2:11 (13.5 miles)
Walk 1.53 (7.7 miles)
Other 0:20
Total: 9:19 (66.6 miles)

On Saturday, Bill and I went out on a bike ride and oh I suffered. I try to draft off of him and he likes to get home in a hurry so the pace of the ride increased the closer we got to home. I wanted to cry mercy and ask him to slow down, but I didn't. I guess that's a victory? I haven't been that close to cracking in a while.

Don't worry, I delivered a preemptive strike the night before... the cat woke me up at 3am so I rolled over to hold Bill and accidentally hit him in the face. Oopsy! He said he had been dreaming that Sunny and I lost his Serotta (fancy bike) and that we were dropping $50s on the ground because we weren't paying attention. I had been dreaming that there were sharks in our garage, swimming around in the air. Watch out for them, their teeth are sharp!

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