Saturday, January 03, 2009

The best of both worlds!

Even though I'm sick I've managed to stay mildly active both physically and mentally. Yesterday we had a sun break and if you live in Oregon and you see a sun break in the winter, you are morally obligated to go outside and recreate. I suited up to run but walked for 40 minutes and ran for 15 minutes. I came home and slept after that which felt great.

When I woke up I needed a mental challenge so I grabbed Bill's new iPod Touch and downloaded a new application called "Remote" which allows you to control the music on your computer remotely via the iPod. After dinner I told Bill I was going upstairs and going to bed, pouting for good affect since he was watching football (again!). I left his laptop open downstairs just a smidge, and stood at the top of the stairs will I activated iTunes on his laptop.

AC/DC's "Back in Black" started playing on his laptop which was across the room from where he was sitting. tee hee. I heard him turn down the football game and say, "What the %#@!" so I paused the music and went in the bedroom to giggle. Bill turned the football game back on so I waited a few minutes and played some old Naughty By Nature rap song. I heard him mute the game again and cuss once more. He realized the music was coming from his laptop so he turned it off.

Later that evening when he came to bed, I was watching a chick flick (Bridget Jones Diary) so he got on his laptop to organize email. I reached over for the iPod and slowly turned on a relaxing Enya song. He looked over at the iPod but didn't say anything. I turned it off and waited a little longer and did it again. He finally said, "What are you doing with that iPod?" and I started laughing hysterically.

After I explained that I was remotely controlling the music on his laptop with the iPod he said, "At least you didn't do that while I was in a meeting." What a genius idea! I can't wait until he goes out of town next!

We had another sun break today so we went out on our bikes for a short one hour ride. It's still pretty chilly here so that was a good amount of time to be out. It is soooo much easier mentally to ride on the road than it is to ride the trainer. I recorded Miley Cyrus in concert on the tv so I have that waiting for my next trainer session. It could be a while.

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Maggs said...

OMG. That thing with the iPod is so funny. A great trick to have up your sleeve.