Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Never ask a triathlete how they are doing

Hi! I've been so busy at work lately that I have been using my evening hours to decompress and if you haven't noticed, decompression does not include being on a computer or writing my blog. I don't know when things will settle down, but you can be assured that I will do whatever it takes to chill the heck out after a hard day at work.

Here are some training totals from last week:

Swim 2:35 (7300 yards)
Bike :30 (8 miles)
Run 1:43 (8.7 miles)
Walk 2:15 (8.5 miles)
Other 0:20
Total: 7:33 (29.4 miles)

Exciting stuff here but hey, I have been swimming consistently and this is a BIG deal for me personally to see swim improvement. I always sabotage myself with injury so I'm really hoping that doesn't happen in the next few months. I know you are thrilled for me and this earth shattering news.

I have an experiment for you, ask a triathlete how they are doing. I guarantee they won't just say, "I'm fine, how are you?" You will hear, "Oh well, I stained my calf two weeks ago and I have only been able to run 3 miles this week so I'm biking way more..." at this point you should walk away before you become bored to death. You should probably stop reading this blog right now, your life is in danger!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowy Spokane

Merry Christmas! We finally made it to Spokane, WA to visit my family for the holidays. Spokane was in the national news over the holidays for record snowfall but the temps have risen and most of the snow is gone so we are here and I finally got my Xmas presents :)

We brought our bikes to Spokane but we won't get to ride, there's still plenty of snow here. duh. I had a rough week for workouts, I was supposed to have a run emphasis week but that didn't happen at all. My shins and left knee are irritated so instead of miles I got a knee wrap. Booooo. I'm going to try to run on a treadmill today and see how that feels, they tend to be a softer surface to run on and you can bail anytime you want.

I did end up having a decent swim week, on Friday, coach called 8 x 50, repeat 4 times, descending intervals on 1:05, 1:00, :55, :50. Choose your stroke. I heard repeat 3 times so I pushed 8 x 50 on :55 with a nice hard effort only to find out there was one more set. That was a character builder. Lesson learned: confirm the set before embarking on an all out effort. I forgot my lunch that day and had a cup of mac n cheese post workout before a meeting at work. After work, we met friends for beer and dinner and wooo hooo! I was buzzing. We went to watch a gymnastics at OSU after dinner and I think the OSU team is going to be good this year, they beat #4 Arkansas and put on a good show. College athleteics are a nice benefit to living with a college town.

I'm going for a hike with my mom and sister this afternoon and will take some snow photos and post this evening. Workouts last week:

Swim 2:30 (7700 yards)
Bike :40 (8 miles)
Run :40 (4 miles)
Walk 2:30 (9.4 miles)
Other 0:20
Total: 6:40 (26 miles)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Everybody but me

I've been feeling good about the small swim progress I've been making and today I set the intention that I would have my best swim of the week! I was kicking butt during the warm up, pushing off the wall extra hard, cruising and bruising and then coach called 800 IM. My first thought was, "Is that legal?" I mean, it seems like it should be illegal. It's ridiculous!

I ended up swimming mostly freestyle during the set and barely survived doing that. I found out that I am tired from the increased training. Next was 8 x 100 with fins and paddles. I used to hate 500s, now I hate 800s. After class, I asked the other women in the locker room if the workout was hard and everyone said, "It was great! I loved that set!" So I went to Bill and asked if he suffered (my sympathetic husband who loves me dearly) and he said, "I had the best workout! I was lapping people in my lane. Felt great!"

Let's forget about that workout for now. I bought the compression sleeves last night, for myself only, and got an email that they are on backorder. :( I'll report back on them after they arrive. I want to talk about other stuff but I'm tired. Tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Fighting Tri Geeks

My husband was into triathlons long before I ever was, and he has far more athletic talent than I do and we both know it. You would think I would ask him for advice or have him set me up with a training plan but you would be WRONG! He is an athletic freak of nature and I am a barely functional 36 year old who's biggest athletic gift is the ability to focus on mindless tasks. Last night I was massaging my aching shins and sore knee before bed and he said, "How did you get so screwed up?"

Actually, I got into triathlons because I was an average couch potato with arthritis and the Dr. told me I could take drugs or swim to ease the pain from arthritis. I was 27 at the time I got that diagnosis and realized I could sit and be in pain or I could move and be in pain. I don't trust drugs so I started moving and I haven't stopped since. I should note that the Doctor did not say, "Take up triathlons to solve your problems" and yet that it what I did.

That doesn't mean it's easy for me, I am a needier athlete than my gifted husband so when I heard about compression gear, the latest trend in triathlon gadgets, I was intrigued. I have pain and recovery issues and people are saying compression socks help. I researched a couple of sources: NY Times, Slowtwitch, and blogs and the tipping point for me was seeing that they come in PINK. That's it, I want them!

I decided to run the purchase across my husband since we are on a no-spending diet post holidays and of course, he scoffed at me. Presently, he is having trouble with one of his calves so I asked if he wanted a pair to which he laughed, in my face, well, over the phone he laughed in my face. So I emailed him a link to the Slowtwitch forum where several people swore by their compression socks and I'm waiting to hear back from him.

What do you think the odds are that he won't laugh at me wearing these socks? Odds that he will end up with some himself? He who laughs last... I don't get that saying!?!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

If it's good enough for Thunder Bear

On Friday afternoon I left work early for a Dr. appt (more on that later) and when I was done, it was still light out and not raining so I hustled home and threw on my running gear ASAP. It was cold outside, of course, if it's not raining during the winter in the NW then it's cold, and I couldn't find two gloves, only one, so I left the house with one glove and headed out for my favorite run route. I saw a friend at the park near the end of the run and she commented on my new looking shoes which made me feel like a geek, so I piled it on and told her that I only had one glove on too.

She probably hadn't heard how Thunder Bear revolutionized the one glove look in Kona two years ago. Of course, he had ice in his glove and was using it as a cooling mechanism. I am just a geek.

We didn't do too much this weekend, just hanging out and working out. I think we'll be traveling next weekend so it was good to lay low this weekend. I had a decent training week, although running continues to be slow and I suffer through it. I'm just going to keep at it until it stops feeling so cruddy.

Swim 2:25 (7100 yards)
Bike 2:30 (41 miles)
Run 2:11 (13.5 miles)
Walk 1.53 (7.7 miles)
Other 0:20
Total: 9:19 (66.6 miles)

On Saturday, Bill and I went out on a bike ride and oh I suffered. I try to draft off of him and he likes to get home in a hurry so the pace of the ride increased the closer we got to home. I wanted to cry mercy and ask him to slow down, but I didn't. I guess that's a victory? I haven't been that close to cracking in a while.

Don't worry, I delivered a preemptive strike the night before... the cat woke me up at 3am so I rolled over to hold Bill and accidentally hit him in the face. Oopsy! He said he had been dreaming that Sunny and I lost his Serotta (fancy bike) and that we were dropping $50s on the ground because we weren't paying attention. I had been dreaming that there were sharks in our garage, swimming around in the air. Watch out for them, their teeth are sharp!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sick of the computer

I am in the process of writing several technical documents for projects I'm working on at work and when I get home at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is get on the computer and blog. Don't take it personally. I'm mostly over being sick and I've been able to modestly train this week without too many issues except a sore neck and a bum left knee. Hey! Life is good!

Here are the training totals from last week:
Swim 2:10 (6200 yards)
Bike 0:55 (15.8 miles)
Run 1:56 (11.8 miles)
Walk 1:30 (6.7 miles)
Total: 6:30 (37.8 miles)

My plan is to slowly increase SBR until I'm swimming 8,000 yards, biking 3 hours, and running 2.5 hours a week. Then I'll add in some tempo to my running and time trialing on the bike. I joined the OSU triathlon club last night so I could attend free spinning classes. I'm happy that faculty/staff are able to join and take advantage of the club but I think the average age in the club is maybe 22. I'm 36, you do the math. I can deal one on one with younger people but in a room full of them I definitely feel out of place.

My blog goal for this week is to take some photos and blog something mildly interesting. I have to have goals!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The best of both worlds!

Even though I'm sick I've managed to stay mildly active both physically and mentally. Yesterday we had a sun break and if you live in Oregon and you see a sun break in the winter, you are morally obligated to go outside and recreate. I suited up to run but walked for 40 minutes and ran for 15 minutes. I came home and slept after that which felt great.

When I woke up I needed a mental challenge so I grabbed Bill's new iPod Touch and downloaded a new application called "Remote" which allows you to control the music on your computer remotely via the iPod. After dinner I told Bill I was going upstairs and going to bed, pouting for good affect since he was watching football (again!). I left his laptop open downstairs just a smidge, and stood at the top of the stairs will I activated iTunes on his laptop.

AC/DC's "Back in Black" started playing on his laptop which was across the room from where he was sitting. tee hee. I heard him turn down the football game and say, "What the %#@!" so I paused the music and went in the bedroom to giggle. Bill turned the football game back on so I waited a few minutes and played some old Naughty By Nature rap song. I heard him mute the game again and cuss once more. He realized the music was coming from his laptop so he turned it off.

Later that evening when he came to bed, I was watching a chick flick (Bridget Jones Diary) so he got on his laptop to organize email. I reached over for the iPod and slowly turned on a relaxing Enya song. He looked over at the iPod but didn't say anything. I turned it off and waited a little longer and did it again. He finally said, "What are you doing with that iPod?" and I started laughing hysterically.

After I explained that I was remotely controlling the music on his laptop with the iPod he said, "At least you didn't do that while I was in a meeting." What a genius idea! I can't wait until he goes out of town next!

We had another sun break today so we went out on our bikes for a short one hour ride. It's still pretty chilly here so that was a good amount of time to be out. It is soooo much easier mentally to ride on the road than it is to ride the trainer. I recorded Miley Cyrus in concert on the tv so I have that waiting for my next trainer session. It could be a while.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Set goals or sleep in?

So I am sick, not the spectacular coughing up a lung sick, but the all over tired and sore throat sick. I don't look or act sick, but I feel like crud, so I get all of the pain and none of the credit!

We did virtually nothing to celebrate the new year, unless you count sleeping in and laying down all day. Bill didn't seem too disappointed, he was able to watch hockey and football while I slept and I think that makes for a good day for him.

Yesterday, the only thing I accomplished was to make banana nut and chocolate chip muffins. The rest of the day and evening was spent in bed. It was raining buckets here yesterday and we have a flood warning so it wasn't a bad deal that I was sick yesterday.

Right now, the sun is out and my suffering immensely, but mostly because Bill went trail running. This makes me want to cry but I'm happy for him.