Thursday, December 18, 2008

We're pretty tough around here but...

If some stupid person (me) puts a decorative pillow right in the spot where you like to nap, just scooch your butt under the pillow and pass out. Stupid throw pillows!

If the neighbors put up elaborate holiday lighting displays just drop some dough at Costco and get the hubby to install fancy solar powered snow men whilst wearing his PJs.

If it's dark outside and there is still ice and snow on the sidewalks... your husband is out of town and it's pouring rain and windy and the dog is DEMANDING to be walked, just put on your biggest coat and boots and start walking. Freaking athletic dog.

If the office ladies are bringing in holiday cookies everyday and you are afraid your rear end is going to turn into the shape of your desk chair then start baking for yourself! Resistance is futile! Hot cocoa spiked with Bailey's Irish Cream is also very helpful.

If it starts snowing like a snow explosion right before the lunch hour at work then stay where you are and go swimming later! Or not! I'm tough but I don't live in Alaska for a reason.

I had a tough week this week, Bill was out of town and we had bad weather. I kept it all together for the most part until the dog insisted on being walked in the middle of a winter storm last night. Our regular walk took 35 minutes (10 minutes longer) due to ice on the sidewalk and by the time I got home my quads were ice cubes. I had to go run on the treadmill so I drove the 3 blocks to our community gym. There was an older gentleman in there walking on a treadmill and he had the TV on the Golf channel. What luck for me! Running on a treadmill and GOLF! I managed 35 minutes and I don't know if I'll ever recover.

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