Monday, December 08, 2008

Weekend update

The swim meet on Friday was fun, but I did not get to swim much, only the relays and 50 free (a 2 second PR for me 33 seconds). There were so many people there that most of us only got to swim one event. We have part 2 of the swim meet this Friday, hopefully I'll get to swim more but I hope it isn't the 100 fly. Friday night Bill and I attended the holiday work party at the local country club for my job. Bill made a scene during the white elephant gift exchange, pretending to run out of the room when he unwrapped a porcelain baking dish. After the party, Bill hosted his buddies at our house for poker. I stayed upstairs and put in ear plugs which only muted the loud shouts when someone had a good hand. Bill didn't make it to bed until 3am.

Before I went to bed I put some cookies on a plate for the guys and Bill said, "Don't put those out yet, we'll eat pretzels first."

So I told the guys, "There are cookies on the stove, please help yourselves to them."

One of the guys spent way too long at happy hour earlier that evening and said, in a childlike voice... "Why would you make us cookies and not give them to us?" I almost teared up over the sadness in his eyes, it was terrible. This same guy was over on Sunday night and I made cocoa which he wouldn't stop raving about, I think he needs a girlfriend, the poor guy has been single too long.

ANYWAY! On Saturday I took photos of my hottie friend Amanda sporting tribabe apparel. She was an awesome model and I tried to take her for a beer after the photo shoot but I had no money so she had to buy. I will be taking her out very soon before she realizes what a pain the butt I am! I will be updating with new products and photos of A today!

On Sunday, we had our friend Samara over to decorate the Christmas tree and then friends joined us later for dinner. Bill put up a smaller tree for our younger friend Zoey to decorate, so we are doing well on decorating now. It was a really nice evening and our tree looks great. I wish the weekend would have been longer but I'm happy the holidays are here! Now for the million things to do during the holiday season...!

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Maijaleena said...

2 second PR on a 50 is really good! Congrats!