Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take your beans and your popcorn and leave me alone people

One of my friends from project management class was visiting Corvallis these past few days so I was busy dragging her around town and taking her on dog walks. She didn't look scarred from the experience so I think it worked out A-OK. I was sharing with her that I am turning into my mother at work and that it was starting to bother me. When I would visit my mom at her office, there would always be a line at her door, people waiting to talk to her because it made them feel better. I think this is a great asset to any office, people need to be listened to, but that person should not be me. I have tried to take the role as the eccentric computer person that no one really understands, it doesn't seem to be working.

Lately people have been coming into my office, spilling their beans, and then walking away with a smile. G D it. I am not my mother people!

My friend said she couldn't believe that--in class I was assertive and even told off a person in our group that tried to walk all over her. One of our tasks was to build the highest structure we could with tinker toys, we had 2 minutes to plan via discussion, without touching the toys, and then one minute to assemble the structure without talking. She volunteered to be the leader because she had an idea in mind. Within 15 seconds this older gentlemen started talking over her and tried to take over.

This made me angry. Why would you vote for a leader and then instantly try to take over? So I told him to listen to her and let her lead. We didn't win that round but we won the next round when everyone listened to her without interrupting.

I think this is the reason people tell me their problems, they think I'll yell at the old guy to shut the heck up and let them do their job. This is not true, unless you consider my husband the old guy. He's older than me so that works. But I'm not going to the boss and I am about to start closing my door so people will quit confessing to me. Besides, somebody keeps burning popcorn in the kitchen and it stinks beyond belief. I'll put a sign on my door "Popcorn Smell Free Zone" and maybe people will get the hint. Or I'll come in and a nice bag of burned popcorn will be hiding in my desk.

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