Friday, December 19, 2008

Swim progress?

I swam a 500 last night and it wasn't horrible. I have a history of terrible 500s--I crack when I try to swim this distance. I'm not a great swimmer in the first place and I can't put in too many yards because I have a bulging disc, arthritis, and a little thoracic outlet problem (loss of strength into my right arm). I know, you're thinking, "Is that all that's wrong with her?" I have a curvature in my upper spine that causes problems.

Excuses aside, I mentally crack quite frequently in swimming. Here is a short history of my 500 times:

4/11/2002 0:10:06
7/9/2002 0:09:34
3/9/2003 0:08:52
3/1/2004 0:08:20
5/26/2004 0:08:10
9/21/2005 0:08:00
7/30/2008 0:08:08
12/18/2008 0:07:50

There are no times for 2006 - 2007 because I traumatized my neck skiing so I took it easy for a while and didn't bother swimming 500 for time. My time last night was an improvement, obviously, but I have a sense that I can go faster. In swim practice I swim 100s in 1:30 repeatedly (not on the 1:30 but total time 1:30) and it feels like that is 70-80% effort. I don't understand why I can't repeat that pace for a 500 and swim 7:30. Bill watched my last 50 last night and said my turnover slowed quite a bit.

My plan is to work on going hard on the last 25 of 100s and 200s and see what I can do in January. I smell a 7:30 and it smells good. Real good. Or maybe that's cookies again.

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Maggs said...

Wow, that's some improvement. Congrats. you can get 7:30 no problem.