Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Fudge

The ladies in the office have started to bring in their holiday baking results. I started working out more last week to help combat the holiday bulge. I guess fudge is my new recovery nutrition since I seem to be eating it after swimming and running.

Slowtwitch came out with a free online training log so I started entering my workouts into the web site for motivation last week. Bill made fun of me for entering in "walking" but I walk almost every evening for 20-30 minutes and it's exercise so it's going on my workout log. Plus, he whines about how fast and how far we walk so it counts. Sunny whines when she goes too and it amuses me greatly that these two athletic types can't handle an evening walk with me without whimpering. I think walking after eating dinner aids in digestion and prepares the body for dessert. :)

Times below are h:mm
bike 1:55 (30 mi)
swim 2:10 (5,700 yards)
run 1:35 (9.3 mi)
walk 2:25 (10 mi)
Total 8:5 (52.5 mi)

My goal right now is to keep up swimming without injuring myself and to start back with running, without injuring myself. Biking will have to be a goal for a later and warmer time.

It's supposed to snow here on Sunday and snow intermittently throughout next week so let me be the first to say "BRRRRRRRR!" The bike trainer rides will *suck* and I've given up on the test saddle I had from (Adamo) so I'm looking forward to a numb brain and other numbness which shall not be named.


Maijaleena said...

mmmmmm fudge! Great job on the training. While I don't normally log my walking, I say it counts!

Maggs said...

Fudge has all the necessary ingredients of a recovery food.

I looked at my google reader and your blog showed up right under ELFs. Both of them are titled Oh Fudge! Of course her's is about a certain governor from Illinois. Yours is much more enjoyable.

QRgirl (erin) said...

I'm making strides to start trainer rides... I thought about it for a few weeks, finally brought the bike into the house but have yet to take the trainer out of the closet. Maybe next week ;-)

Chantel said...

I say log your walking for sure! AS you get fitter and more in shape for running the walking will be replaced by more runs and you will see the prgress for yourself.

And fudge, YUM, holiday food all over our office too :)