Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Mr. Flex Show

Bill ordered some new tires for the Jeep over the phone and when we picked them up yesterday I noticed they wrote his last name down as "Flex" (our last name if Fleck) and it totally cracked me up. Mr. Flex does like to put on a show when he takes his t-shirt off, the show occurs nightly, come on over and check it out! It's a like a compulsion, as the shirt comes off the flexing begins.

Besides laughing at (I mean with) my husband I've been busying rearranging holiday travel plans. We were supposed to drive to Spokane WA for the holidays but the roads are a nightmare from Portland all the way to eastern WA. It looks like we'll be staying home for the holidays and making the drive to Spokane in a few weeks when this winter weather clears.

We bought a turkey and a ham last night so I will be cooking a feast for Bill and the animals on Christmas day. I think a trail run or some mountain biking (on fire roads) is in order this weekend. Maybe hit the post-holiday sales. We'll make do and connect with family later. I think my mom will take it the hardest although my sister really likes her presents so I better not delay too long. My sister is 9 years younger than I am and three times as spoiled. I contribute to the spoiling of course. Mr. Flex counteracts the spoiling by giving her a hard time and doing things like giving her quarters. She takes the quarters by the way, with a smile.

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