Monday, December 22, 2008


On Sunday I had a hard time getting through a relatively easy swim workout, my neck and shoulders were sore from making cookies and wrapping presents and by the end of the swim I had a headache. I tried to ask Bill to go for a run with me after and he turned to me and said, "You are over doing it." So instead of running, I took a nap with the dog while it poured rain outside. Heaven!

So minus one run, here are my weekly totals from last week:

Times H:MM
Swim 2:30 (6,400 yards)
Bike 2:30 (35 miles)
Run 1:45 (10.5 miles)
Walk 1:50 (8.4 miles)
Total: 8:15 (57.5 miles)

Friday night I rode the bike trainer for 40 minutes and then ran 40 minutes, I think that was my first triathlon type workout in months. Kind of exciting. If you are wondering why, all of the sudden, I'm working out again, the reason is simple and complicated. I'm surprised and sad to still not be pregnant. After miscarrying a year ago I had hoped to be pregnant by now. I'm planning to go to a reproductive endocrinologist next year to see if they can find a reason and help us. It will be an expensive and emotional journey (insurance only covers half and we have to go to Portland to see these types of doctors) so I need to prepare myself for that.

Bill signed up for Ironman Cozumel for November 2009 and I would like to go with him and that means not giving birth around that time so we are taking a chemical and mental break from trying for the next several months. If I happen to get pregnant during that time, we will revise our plans and we will be greatly relieved and excited. I hope with all of my heart that it happens but I don't expect it to.

In the interim, I plan to train for some sprint triathlons in the early season (April and May) and attend triathlon camp in April. Bill will (hopefully) ramp up his training and we will sufficiently distract ourselves for a while. I have a deal with Bill that I will not let my weight get below 140 pounds since I tend to have problems with my cycle when I am at race weight (130 and less). So no dieting for me and no long training. I will also not do any super hard workouts that exhaust me and I plan to slowly build my training so I don't hurt myself.

Right now, I focus on the positive, good health and the ability to lead a nice lifestyle. There are things beyond my control and I'm living with it the best way I can.

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The Original SunnyD said...

I wondered why you were training a bunch... I will do my best to help you maintain with loads of empty hops calories and peanut butter bonbons!