Thursday, December 04, 2008

Farrah hairrah

Maggs commented that she wanted to see Farrah hair so here is my Farrah hairdo this morning. Obviously I need a hair cut and more sleep (hello bags under the eyes). I woke up very shortly after this photos because it was 35 degrees this morning for the bike commute. Brrrrrr! My quads were pink and half frozen by the time I got to work but hey, I had Farrah Hairrah so who cares!

I'm hoping to take some more photos this weekend of new products for Right now the only photos we have are of me and they are OK but I know I'm not a model. It's slightly horrifying to see photos of myself and it would be nice to not be horrified when I go to my web store. Bill is next for the photoshoot and then my hottie friend Amanda on Saturday. I will post photos as we take them, I might have to do a few more of myself with Farrah hair, just so I can remember that one week I had hair like Farrah.

Tomorrow is part one of a two part swim meet. I will try to talk my team into letting me do 50 free and 100 IM (reverse order). We have to participate in the team medley relay relay (25 yards ea. swimmer) and team free relay (50 yards each swimmer). On Wednesday I swam a 1:13 for 100 free so I *might* be making progress in swimming, I think that's my fastest time ever. I dove off the blocks and Bill swam off the wall and I was leading him at the first 25. Too bad there was 75 more to swim and I completely died on the last 25. Oops! The filter on the pool was broken Wednesday so I really hope it's fixed and we get to swim. I'll report back after the meet. Bill will be swimming against some girls who were former OSU swimmers, who do you think I'll be rooting for?

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The Original SunnyD said...

Your hair looked awesome on Tuesday... I forgot to tell you.