Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Eccentric bike lady

I wanted to bike commute to work this morning but Bill locked our commuter bikes together while we were out of town and he couldn't find the key. He got my mountain bike down and off I went but I didn't have a lock so I drug the bike into my office and tried to hide it. Of course, office mates noticed, just like they noticed when I brought it my triathlon bike (no way I'm locking that outside) and commuter bike when I forgot my lock.

I'm pretty sure that raised eyebrow look I get is reflecting their thoughts that I am a frivolous, exercise obsessed, money wasting goof ball that needs to get busy having babies and quit worrying about exercise. I can't say I disagree, I'm trying! It makes no sense to try to explain these things to people though, that I ride mostly entry level bikes, that I need different bikes for different sports, that I love bike commuting because I freaking hate driving. I will just be the eccentric bike lady in the office. Things could be worse.

Something potentially, worse: I started curling my hair ala Farrah Fawcett lately (still wearing undergarments however) for something different to do with my hair. It's kind of fun, I'll give it this week and then it will be back to pony tails. Having big hair does make me want to wear high heels for some reason but THAT will not happen. Too clutzy. I would like a drunk FF wannabe. Which is better/worse: bike lady or drunk Farrah. Oh the choices to be made in the off season!


Maggs said...

Post a pic of you with Farrah Fawcett hair. And don't try to bike commute with least not on the mountain bike. That deserves a sexy tri bike.

mills said...

Exercise bike are far less boring for most people, because the ability to multitask while on an exercise bike is fairly substantial. Watching TV or listening to music is a breeze.