Monday, December 15, 2008

A Different Type of Ball

I was supposed to go out on Saturday night to the "Non-President's Ball" (long story but basically you wear goofy old formal wear to the local crap bar) but instead I stayed home and Sunny and I made chocolate peanut butter balls. I spent all day Saturday crafting with the ladies and I was too tired to hit the dance floor. I'm old and I know it!

I totally fell off the bike trainer wagon last week and we now have a good amount of snow on the ground so I better get on it this week. Last week's totals:

Times H:MM
Swim 2:15 (5,300 yards)
Bike 0:35 (9.0 miles)
Run 1:95 (9.7 miles)
Walk 2:05 (10.0 miles)
Total: 6:00 (31.7 miles)

Worse than last week, not a good trend. If I keep making holiday cookies then it's really going to get ugly. Tonight I have a date with the bike trainer. No excuses.

I'll try to blog more this week since I'll be hovering under blankets with the animals. Our forecast for this week is highs in the 30s and snow. BRRRRRRR.


D said...

Brrr indeed. I got myself an electric blanket last night. HEAVEN!

Maggs said...

Faling off the bike trainer wagon isn't as bad as falling off the bike trainer :-)

I love peanut butter chocolate balls, in Ohio they are called Buckeyes (after Ohio State and the state tree). My mom made them every year for the holidays....I got some from her in the mail Saturday. They are all gone!

rr said...

sounds all cold and holiday-y! And hey, that's 35 more minutes than I biked this week :) Have fun!